The Oakley Sound Studio Projects

Oakley Sound can supply top quality PCBs for standalone DIY projects.

A close up of the Filtrex II circuit board showing our commitment to a high quality PCB design. All of our boards are double sided with through plated holes, generous copper tracks and pads, clear legending and thick solder mask on both sides.


DN-34 BBD upgrade board for the DN34 Analogue Time Processor

Filtrex II Analogue Filter Rack

HVM The Human Voice Module

SE330 Stereo Ensemble Module


TM3030 My very well regarded midi controlled 303 clone

Power Supplies

RPSU Rack Power Supply for the HVM, SE330 and other DIY projects

Legacy Support

Legacy Support Page A growing collection of older User Guides, User Manuals and Builder's Guides

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Last revised: September 14, 2016.